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Hack Your Metabolism – 3 Tips To Speed Up Fat Burning

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While we all know that we need to eat fewer calories than we spend if we want to burn fat, that’s all but easy. This article is about to make it a bit easier, as we give you 3 metabolism hacks to help you speed up fat burning. Let’s roll!

Metabolism Hack #1: Sleep More

Going to bed at the same time every night and rising after eight hours of quality sleep can do wonders for your metabolism.

First, when you sleep, you are not eating but are still burning calories. And the majority of calories we burn go on basic metabolism processes, which are active during sleep. Therefore, if you can up your sleep from 6 hours to 8, you will notice a difference.

Also, sleep regulates hormones, and having a healthy sleep schedule will get all of those important juices in balance. That will positively impact not only how you look but how you feel too.

Metabolism Hack #2: Drink More Water

Water is free, fills you up, is healthy, and has zero calories. Water also gets rid of the toxins from your body. Plus, staying hydrated is excellent for overall health, but for skin and hair too.

By replacing sugary drinks with water, you will significantly reduce your caloric intake, which will help you lose weight. There are also other beverages that contain no calories and are healthy, such as tea.

Coffee is a good option too, but be careful not to drink it later in the day, as it can severely interfere with our Hack #1. And make sure it’s unsweetened.

Hack #3: Eat More Protein, Especially For Breakfast

Eating a strong, protein-rich breakfast will give you a lot of healthy calories but will also keep you full for longer. That means you won’t suffer a blood sugar crash after an hour, which often leads to seeking a candy bar to get that sugar rush.

But, proteins also help maintain and grow your muscle mass, which is especially important if you exercise. The best way to speed up your metabolism is to increase muscle mass. Muscles burn a lot of calories, and they use sugar for fuel, making them a caloric furnace. Plus, they look awesome too!


Our 3 metabolism hacks will give you that small push you need to speed up the fat loss process and get those results a bit faster.

But, remember, it all comes to implementing healthy habits and sticking to them over a long period. That’s the only way to keep the results you get.

That’s why we focused on three hacks that do make a difference but are doable long-term. Stick to them, and before you know it, you will start noticing results.

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