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3 Worst Foods For Belly Fat


While it’s true that the number of calories you eat will determine if you gain or lose fat, certain foods will certainly do you no good if you want to trim down.

This article will give you the 3 worst foods for belly fat – ditching these will help you get your line where you want it to be sooner than you might think.

Bad Choice #1: Soda

Any kind of sugar-sweetened beverage is no good for general health, but especially for trimming down. The reason why is simple – empty calories.

One serving size (12 oz) of Coca-Cola has about 140 calories. But, when you drink it with your lunch, you hardly drink only one. And it does nothing to fill you up, making you want to eat more later.

What’s even worse, CO2 will bloat up your tummy to look bigger even more, which means soda is not good for belly size even in the short term.

Bad Choice #2: French Fries

While you can prepare french fries yourself and make it a bit more healthy, we are talking about the ones you get at a fast-food restaurant.

There are three issues with french fries – too much salt, it’s fried, has too many calories.

Salt will draw water in, making you more bloated, and too much salt can have a negative impact on your blood pressure.

Fried foods take a lot of time to process and are filled with unhealthy fats. And, because of that, and because of portion sizes and caloric potatoes, you intake too many calories in total, making you gain more weight.

Bad Choice #3: Fruit Juice

Fruits are fantastic, but fruit juices are calorie and sugar-packed bombs. Sure, they are a better choice than drinking a soda, as they contain vitamins. But, it is a much better option to eat an actual orange than to drink a glass of orange juice.

One glass of orange juice has several oranges in it, but only the juice itself. You don’t get the best part of the fruit, which contains all the healthy fiber. Therefore, eat an orange or two, don’t ruin them by throwing them in the juicer!


Doing something simple like replacing sodas and fruit juices with unsweetened coffee or tea and eliminating deep-fried foods is a great start and might be what it takes to put you in a caloric deficit.

Once you start losing weight, you will get new motivation and start adding more healthy habits into your routine. All you need to do is start now, take it slowly, and the results will come. We believe in you!

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