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What Causes Big Stomach In Females?


This article will give you three reasons why women get belly fat and share some tips to help you get rid of it a bit easier, so stay tuned!

Cause #1: Excuses

We are too prone to making excuses, especially blaming genetics. While it’s true that genetics influence where you store fat, you need to be in a caloric surplus to store fat in the first place.

Therefore, if your stomach is big because fat is stored there, that’s because you ate more calories than you’ve spent, which triggered fat storage.

However, if you reverse that and spend more calories than you eat, the fat-burning process will begin, and you will lose fat from all over your body, belly too. You’re in control!

Cause #2: Hidden Calories

There are cases where women do try to make healthier food choices, but the fat doesn’t seem to go away. When that happens, it is often due to hidden calories.

One such example would be eating low-fat foods without actually reading the label. While it’s probably true that the food has a lower fat count, fat is often replaced with a lot of sugar.

When you compare the regular version with the low-fat one, you will realize total calories are similar. But, if you eat more of the low-fat variant, thinking how it’s OK because you consume fewer calories, which isn’t the case, you will gain fat, not lose it.

Cause #3: Eating Foods That Bloat You Up

Sometimes your stomach is only visually big, even if you don’t carry extra belly fat. If that’s the case, and you feel bloated, it’s probably time to rethink your food choices.

While this is individual, certain foods cause bloating for most people – dairy products, beans, carbonated drinks, beer. But, in some cases, even simple fruits such as apples or healthy veggies like broccoli can trigger bloating.

If you feel big and bloated all the time, make some small food changes. The good news is that getting rid of bloating foods will help you almost instantly, and you will know precisely what caused bloating.


While it might be bloating and hidden calories, let’s face it – excuses are the #1 cause while we don’t reach any of our goals, losing belly fat included. You know what to do – eat a bit less, exercise a bit more. Do that regularly, and the mirror will show results – it never lies. 🙂

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